What to Look for When Buying a Repeater Watch

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What to Look for When Buying a Repeater Watch

Repeater watches chime the time at the press of a button, using separate tones for hours, quarter hours, and minutes. While they are functional watches, many are also appreciated for their style. They are popular amongst both men and women and are often preferred by people who are visually impaired. Moreover, they remain highly coveted for nostalgic reasons amongst clock enthusiasts.


Watch Face Material

Watch faces made of metals, such as gold and platinum, have a classic, luxurious appearance, and can often work well to dress up an outfit. They may include diamonds or other precious stones. On the other hand, aluminium watch faces are renowned for their durability and affordability; these repeater models are suitable for sports and other physical activities. Still, titanium watches are appreciated for their lightweight, durability, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance.


Watch Band Material

Some watch-band styles are interchangeable for versatility. Plastic and rubber watch straps are renowned for their durability and are ideal for those who like to stay active. On the other hand, leather watch straps offer increased breathability and comfort, and are better suited to more upscale occasions. Some repeater watches do not feature a band. These repeater pocket watches are designed to be pocket watches.


Level of Water Resistance

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has issued standards for the use of the term water resistant. Watches that meet the standard most often contain a mark on the back indicating the testing pressure. Common ratings are listed in the table.


Water Resistance (in metres)

Watch Uses

Water Resistant 30, 50

Normal wear, low water exposure

Water Resistant 100

Recreational water sports

Water Resistant 200

Professional water activities

Diver's 100, 200, 300

Scuba diving

Diver's 300 , Helium Safe

Scuba diving and helium environment


If you are planning to wear your repeater watch during a normal day, then you only need one with minimal water resistance. If you swim actively, however, you should opt for one that is water resistant at least up to 100 metres. Lastly, bear in mind that a watch's ability to withstand water may weaken over time.


Common Features

Watch features are widely diverse from model to model. In addition to measuring time, most repeater watches also display the current date and day of week.


Watch Feature


Audible Alarm

Often featured in more expensive watches


Can function as a stopwatch

Moon Phase

Displays the lunar phase


Counters the effect of gravity and is said to improve accuracy of time

Perpetual Calendar

A continual calendar that needs adjustment only once in a century

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