What to Look for When Buying a Used Pony Cart

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What to Look for When Buying a Used Pony Cart

Used pony carts are a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing new. Although these carts are driven at a much slower speed than cars, buyers need to take into account many safety precautions. As a pony is the engine, the pony cart should fit the pony comfortably. Moreover, most used carts have two wheels, as opposed to larger wagons that feature four wheels; a seat may or may not be present.



Solid rubber tyres are reliable and likely to last for years; however, if planning to purchase pneumatic rubber tyres, carefully check them as well as the cart wheels for damage. Pneumatic rubber tyres are prone to puncture, and if not in good standing, can drastically affect cart balance. This is essential for a comfortable ride and ensures evenly proportioned weight bearings on the shafts.


Weight Bearings

Destabilised weight bearings can place unnecessary strain on a pony; a shaft heavy cart causes the pony to suffer from a sore back, while a shaft light driving carriage causes excess pressure on its belly. Also, a light cart may not grip the road, leading it to topple over. In addition, incorrect weight bearing weakens the cart shaft over time and makes it susceptible to breakages. Generally speaking, wooden shafts usually show the first signs of cracks, which are readily visible upon inspection of the wooden cart. Conversely, with metal shafts, buyers should be especially wary, as these components often break suddenly without warning.


Pony Cart Types

Sulky pony carts are designed to have a single horse pull them; these carts are bare in makeup, as to keep the weight as low as possible for increased speed. Still, wagon carts are used to transport goods, while coach carts are generally reserved for carrying passengers. If planning to engage in driving competition, a marathon cart may be of interest; these pony carts often come with brakes and have a low centre of gravity to keep the cart from tipping when navigating obstacles at high speeds.


Pony Cart Size

A pony cart should be able to accommodate the size of the pony. An oversized pony carriage can cause injury to the pony, while a cart that is too small results in discomfort for both the pony and the driver. Buyers should ensure that the weight of the car and cargo is no more than the pony is capable of pulling. Generally speaking, a pony can pull twice its own weight, including the driver. In addition, the pony cart should be at a suitable height for the pony. Buyers that find a pony cart of suitable size and weight can adjust for height with replacement wheels.

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