What to Look for When Buying a Vintage Sapphire

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What to Look for When Buying a Vintage Sapphire

Vintage sapphires are extremely attractive precious stones. They are the second hardest stone on earth after diamonds. When buying a vintage sapphire, buyers should consider the clarity, colour, and cut of the stone. This helps them to check the condition of the sapphire before making a purchase.


Sapphire Colour

Although blue sapphires are the most well-known, the stones are also available in pink, orange, green, purple, and yellow. Pink and orange sapphires are the rarest and most expensive. Dark blue stones are more valuable than lighter shades. Yellow and green sapphires are more common. Regardless of which type of sapphire buyers prefer, they should ensure that the colour is pure, with no grey or brown tones.


Sapphire Clarity

Clarity refers to how clear and free of imperfections the vintage sapphire is with regard to internal and external imperfections. Internal imperfections are inclusions in the stone that distort its clarity, such as foreign crystals and cracks. External imperfections refer to chips or scratches on the surface. Sapphires with fewer imperfections have a higher clarity rating and are therefore more valuable.


Sapphire Cut

Natural sapphires are usually cut before being placed into jewellery to enhance their beauty. Buyers should ensure that all of the sapphire's facets are even and symmetrical. A high quality cut is neither too deep nor too shallow. Cuts that are too deep do not allow light to penetrate the stone. Shallow cuts simply allow the light to pass through, and do not reflect light to create a brilliant look. Sapphires cut into round and oval shapes typically reflect the unique colour of the stones best. Rectangular stones with soft rounded edges are also a good choice.


Quality of Vintage Sapphire Jewellery

If buyers wish to purchase sapphires set within pieces of jewellery, they should check that the items have all of their original pieces, including stones, clasps, and any small or fragile components. Most sapphire jewellery is set in precious metals, such as silver or gold. The metal should be in good condition, with no tarnishing. Vintage sapphire jewellery may not be authentic if it is set in gold plated copper or stainless steel.

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