What to Look for When Purchasing a Set of Wall Mounted Speakers

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The Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a Set of Wall Mounted Speakers

Wall mounted speakers are essential components of home theatre surround sound systems. These speakers allows listeners to enjoy the vibrant sounds of movies, television, DVDs, CDs, and MP3s. With wall mounted speakers, the listener feels immersed in sound. Not only does the listener hear the sounds, they can actually feel the sounds, too. The sounds emitted from wall mounted speakers surrounds the listener rather than being directed linearly at the listener, as with conventional speakers situated close to the TV screen.

When purchasing a set of wall mounted speakers, there are several key features to examine. The buyer should consider the size and location of the speakers, as well their compatibility with the other components in the home entertainment system  There are also the types of wall mounted speakers to consider. Some types of wall mounted speakers are open at the back, while others are mounted flush into the wall or ceiling. The mounting hardware should also be considered. eBay can boast hundreds of listings for wall mounted speaker sets, including many popular brands, at a variety of price points.

Size and Location of the Speakers

Wall mounted speakers are usually small speakers such as bookshelf speakers that are mounted to the wall using specific wall mounting hardware. Because they are small and mounted directly to the wall, they do not take up a lot of space in the room. They also do not occupy any floor space, making them a popular choice for small living areas and flats. Unlike floor standing speakers, wall mounted speakers are unobtrusive and so they do not draw attention to themselves. As the wires are often hidden, there is then no danger of accidentally tripping over loose or tangled wires. The buyer should carefully consider the location for mounting the speakers to the wall. The speakers can be mounted at any wall location that can support the weight of the speakers. These speakers can even be mounted to corners. Once the speakers are mounted to the wall, they are permanently fixed at that location and cannot be easily moved like conventional speakers.

Wall Mounting Hardware

The wall mounting hardware includes the wall mounting plate, bracket, and speaker mounting arm. The wall mounting plate is the part that comes into direct contact with the wall. It is attached to the wall by drilling or cutting holes into the wall and fastening the wall mounting plate in place. The wires are hidden behind the speaker and threaded through the hole opening. The wires are then attached to the receiver. A bracket is attached to the wall mounting plate, holding the speaker's mounting arm. The mounting arm attaches to the speaker, holding the speaker in place. The wall mounting hardware must be compatible with the size of the speaker. Larger speakers need stronger, sturdier wall mounts and proper wall support.

If the speakers are too large for the wall mounts, the speaker could fall off the wall. Someone could be injured, or the speaker, floor, or wall could suffer damage. Unlike conventional speakers, mounting brackets allow the wall mounted speakers to change position and direction. The speaker brackets allow the speakers to swivel in different directions. This way a user can direct the sound to different parts of the room. The speakers can tilt up, down, or sideways.

Sound Quality and Wall Mounted Speakers

The sound quality of wall mounted speakers is an important feature to consider when choosing a set. Because wall mounted speakers are permanently affixed to walls, it is vital that the shopper be satisfied with their choice of speakers and the quality of the sound they put out. Wall mounted speakers emit better sound than conventional floor speakers. The price of the speakers generally gives a shopper a good idea of the speaker’s sound quality. The sound quality can be affected by compatibility issues with other audio and video devices. Sound quality also depends on whether the speakers are wired or wireless speakers, and whether the speakers are sealed or not.

Wireless vs. Wired Wall Mounted Speakers

Wired speakers are more affordable than wireless wall mounted speakers. With wired speakers, the speakers are connected to the AV receiver by way of wires. Wireless speakers are not entirely free of wires. They do require at least one wire to power the speakers, but the signals they receive are propagated wirelessly. Wireless speakers are prone to some interference from other wireless devices or electrical devices in the home. This is why the quality of wired wall mounted speakers is considered superior to wireless varieties, although in terms of installation, it is often easier to install wireless speakers because one does not need to run as many cables.

Device Compatibility

Before mounting the speaker on the wall, it is important to evaluate and determine the best speaker location in relation to other audio and video devices. Once the speakers are mounted to the wall, their location cannot be changed. The positioning of the wall mounted speakers with other speakers, such as floor standing speakers, enhances the overall sound quality. The wall mounted speakers can be mounted and evenly spaced from other main speakers in the room, or they can be used as the main speakers, allowing the other speakers to act as secondary speakers. The wall mounted speakers can be arranged to output certain sound frequencies such as high, treble sound frequencies or low, bass sound frequencies.

Because they are mounted on the wall, there is less sound distortion and signal obstruction than with regular floor speakers, where sounds may be obstructed by furniture or reflect off of hardwood or ceramic tile floors. When using additional speakers or amplifiers with wall mounted speakers, the buyer should check each device's power rating to ensure they are compatible with one another. This is to avoid blown speakers.

Sealed Speakers

Wall mounted speakers that are open in the back allow the sound to escape into the wall and air to enter the speaker. It is important for the buyer to determine if the speakers are sealed before the buyer purchases the speakers. Sealed speakers produce better sound quality and less distortion. Some sellers on eBay indicate if the speakers are sealed by highlighting this key feature in the item description.

The following table illustrates the basic differences between wall mounted speakers and conventional speakers. The differences are reflected in speaker size, location, and sound quality.




Sound Quality

Wall Mounted

Small, compact


High, little sound distortion



Floor, bookshelf

Average-to-high, more sound distortion

The table above highlights some key features and the differences between wall mounted and conventional speakers. The buyer should remember that these are simply generalisations and not all-inclusive. Different brands of speakers offer their own unique features.

Buying a Set of Wall Mounted Speakers on eBay

eBay offers a wide assortment of wall mounted speakers. Their wall mounted speaker sets include many popular speaker brands. Some speaker sets also include wall mounting hardware. The wall mounted speaker sets offered on eBay appeal to any budget. eBay provides a convenient and efficient means of shopping for wall mounted speakers. To shop for a set of wall mounted speakers, the buyer begins by going to the eBay homepage and typing 'wall mounted speakers' into the search bar.

The buyer is then be directed to a page of listings for wall mounted speakers. Many of the listing descriptions indicate if the speakers can also be used as bookshelf or free standing speakers. The buyer can also choose to sort the speaker listings, such that only listings posted by eBay top-rated sellers appear on the results page. These sellers have been recognised for consistently providing quality customer service and being timely when it comes to shipping merchandise.

To sort the listings based on the seller's feedback rating, the buyer simply selects 'eBay Top-Rated Sellers' under the 'Seller' heading. The listings are then sorted accordingly. It is also important to factor in the postage costs. Some sellers include the postage in the price of the item, while others add it in after. This information can be found within each individual item description or on the seller's profile page.


With the rise in popularity of surround sound and home theatre systems, buyers are increasingly turning to wall mounted speakers when kitting out a home audio system. Buyers like the fact that they are quite compact and unobtrusive. They offer superior sound quality when compared to floor standing speakers, and depending on the walls themselves can be mounted almost anywhere, including the ceiling. While it is difficult to relocate wall mounted speakers, most speakers do come with wall mountings that allow them to swivel up and down and left to right. This allows the user to direct the sound into the room in ways as to create an immersive listening experience for friends and family.

With wall mounted speakers, the listener can savour crystal-clear audio while watching a movie or listening to a favourite CD. By understanding the key features to look for when purchasing a set of wall mounted speakers, the buyer can build a surround sound system from scratch or build upon already existing audio system. Buyers find the widest selection of speakers, including wall mounted speakers on eBay.

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