What to Look for in Aynsley China Patterns

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What to Look for in Aynsley China Patterns

Aynsley china originates from Stoke-on-Trent, England where John Aynsley transformed his passion for collecting pottery into a business back in 1775 when he started making his own. Later, his son refocused on fine bone china and this resulted in adorable pieces that are translucent, strong, and very white. You can find a wide variety of Aynsley china with intricate patterns.


China Patterns Explained

Certain patterns are recurrent on different pieces of china. In fact, the specific pattern could help to identify the year the company made the china. The information on the pattern is often at the back of the china, if the manufacturer decided to stamp it there. Most Aynsley stamps include an image of a crown and the word 'England'. Some older marks have the initial 'J'. The crown refers to Queen Victoria who allowed the company to use this emblem. In modern days, Aynsley also produces kitchenware with references to royal events, such as royal weddings. However, Aynsley pieces from before 1875 are unmarked. The Aynsley patterns include many beautiful images of flowers. China patterns have names or numbers that help to identify them.


Popular Aynsley Patterns

When choosing an Aynsley pattern, it is worth looking for a popular pattern that could be valuable. Opt for the elegant one-tone Blue Rose, the more cheerful Anemone, pink English Rose, wild flower composition Wild Tudor, or delightful English Violets if you like floral patterns. You could also find fruit compositions, such as Orchard Gold, or flowers mixed with birds, such as Pembroke. Aynsley also produces simple patterns like subtle circles for a luxurious look. The rims around the porcelain plates and cups could be either one-coloured or combine several colours. One-toned patterns include Elizabeth, Elegance, Concerto, Victoria Blue, Corona Gold, and Madison, while two-toned choices are Evergreen, Empress Laurel, Empress Black, and Empress Cobalt. The most famous designs are the gold-etched designs that are timeless and offer simple elegance in any era.


Pieces to Collect

You can find the various patterns on dinner plates, mugs, vases, cutlery, and bowls. The company uses specific patterns for specific pieces and items. You can find the more popular patterns on a wide variety of pieces. Most patterns are for dinnerware and the sets include anything you could need to host an elegant dinner party. The pattern is typically on the dinnerware, although some cups could also have the pattern inside. In this case, the company colours the outside of the cups.

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