What to Look for in a Decimator

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What to Look for in a Decimator

Keeping the hums, chirps, shuffles, and clicks to a minimum during recordings is essential to maintaining a high-quality sound. Whether you are using an analogue or digital recording system, you can limit the noise level with the help of a noise reduction pedal. A Decimator pedal delivers high performance while being very easy to use. Learning more about what to look for in a Decimator can help you achieve flawless sound with every recording.


ISP Decimator Pedal Features and Specifications

The Decimator pedal by ISP Technologies is one of the most popular choices for noise reduction among professional and beginner musicians alike. With an input impedance of 500K ohms and a maximum input level of +12 dBu, the Decimator comes packaged in a polished chrome chassis. The effective noise reduction is greater than 60 dB and the total harmonic distortion is 0.05 per cent. Using the Decimator does not affect the guitar tone and the device tracks the input signal dynamically. The Time Vector Processing is an innovative approach to tracking the input signal, which allows the device to respond quickly to short staccato notes, something that most noise suppression systems encounter difficulties with.


Tips for Using a Decimator Pedal

To use the ISP Decimator noise reduction pedal, all you have to do is insert it in the effects loops of the amplifier or at the end of the chain if you have other existing pedals installed. The pedal cleans up the noise in the pre-amp section of the amplifier as well as that present at the amplifier input. This effects pedal is very compact, so it takes little space, giving you all the freedom you need to perform your recordings. When installing the Decimator, make sure the cables you use are of high quality in order to obtain the best results. If there is any noise still present after installing the Decimator, check the guitar, cords and amplifier to identify the problem.


Types of Decimator Pedals

There are several types of Decimator pedals to choose from, including the ISP Technologies Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal, the ISP Technologies Decimator G String II Noise Reduction Pedal, and the ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Suppressor Pedal. They all offer the same tracking performance, and you can use them for stereo set-ups as well. All the pedals have a linking function, which allows you to link two devices in order to obtain two channels of noise reduction. To do so, you need a common 1/8-inch tip-ring-sleeve phone cord.

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