What to Look for in a Mobile Phone with a Slight Fault

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What to Look for in a Mobile Phone with a Slight Fault

Buying a mobile phone with a slight fault can be an excellent way to save money if you know what to look for. eBay sellers offer a wide variety of mobile phones with slight faults, from basic models to sophisticated smartphones. To make an informed buying decision, you must become familiar with common mobile phone faults and learn how to evaluate mobile phones with slight faults.

Common Mobile Phone Faults

A slightly faulty mobile phone is a phone with a fault that is easy to repair or does not greatly affect usability. Battery and charging faults are common. These include batteries that do not hold charge, swollen batteries, and batteries that cannot charge. Replacing the battery or the charger dock may resolve these types of issues, and replacement parts are readily available. Other slight faults include microphone, speaker, and earpiece faults, liquid crystal display (LCD) issues, keypad problems, and software or firmware faults. Symptoms of these faults range from issues such as intermittent poor call quality to phones switching off by themselves.


Evaluate the Mobile Phone Fault

When evaluating a mobile phone fault, first establish whether the fault is cosmetic or whether it affects the usability of the phone. Cosmetic flaws include scratches and scuffs that do not obscure the screen, as this affects usability. You can remedy cosmetic faults by using a phone case or phone cover that hides the damage. The evaluation of slight faults that affect usability is more complex. If it is a minor fault and you can live with it, repairs are unnecessary. However, if the fault requires repair, carefully research repair costs before buying the phone.


Research Mobile Phone Repair Costs

In some cases, repairing a minor fault in a mobile phone is relatively easy and inexpensive. Replacement mobile phone parts such as batteries and housings are readily available, and the repair of software and firmware faults seldom requires additional parts. Research the cost of a similar phone that is suitable for parts or obtain an estimate of repair costs. Add these costs to the price of the phone with a slight fault. If the cost of the phone and of the repair is higher than the cost of an identical used or refurbished mobile phone that is in good condition, the slightly faulty phone does not offer value for money.

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