What to Look for in a New Golf Bag

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What to Look for in a New Golf Bag

A Golf Bag is a very important piece of equipment required for a game of golf. There are a number of different things to consider when it comes time to purchasing a new bag and these apply to both the amateur and the seasoned professional. This guide aims to offer advice for a shopper wishing to find a new golf bag.

Given the huge following of the sport (both players and enthusiasts) there are many different places from which to purchase golfing equipment. These range from the specialist shop on the high street to general sporting stores and auction sites like eBay..

When buying a golf bag, the buyer should see the purchase as a long-term investment, so it is necessary to undertake research and allow time to explore the options available. Knowing what to look for in golf bags will lead to the correct purchase being made.

Where to Start

A golf bag is a very individual purchase. This is reflected in the amount of choice available on the market. To begin any search, it is vital to know exactly who will use the bag and what requirements will be needed of it. Asking and answering the two questions outlined below is a simple place to start.

Is the golfer male or female?

Female Golf Bags are often smaller and shorter than the male version. This is to accommodate the differences in male and female equipment. Female clubs are shorter than males and the bags are made to fit the clubs. They also reflect the stature of the player, generally being designed for a smaller person, and as a result are lighter.

How do you play your game of golf?

Do you like to carry the bag, use a cart or do you have a caddy? This question will highlight the best bag to suit the individual’s game of golf.

Types of Bags

There are many different types of golf bags available on the market. Exploring the different designs is a great deal of work. However to fully appreciate and make an informed decision it is important to research the types available. This will help to highlight the best design for you and your game.

As a general rule most bags fall into one of three categories. These are: Golf Stand Bags,, Golf Cart Bags and Tour Golf Bags..

Golf stand bags come equipped with a self-standing device. This offers the golfer the option to stand the bag up at each hole. Designed for the golfer to carry around the course, they are available with both single and dual straps. The single strap is designed to be ‘swung’ across one shoulder; dual strap is designed to be carried on the back like a backpack.

The golf cart bag is designed to be placed in the back of a cart and driven around the course. This means they are generally larger than the stand bags and heavier. They offer more room to carry equipment and accessories on the course.

Tour golf bags, often called pro bags, are the largest bag available. Professional golfers use them and are more often than not carried around the course by a caddy for the golfer.

Points to Consider When Looking at New Bags

Once the type of bag is decided upon and the different designs are being compared, there are a few points of reference to compare and contrast each bag. These are:

How many golf clubs can the bag hold?

This will determine whether the bag can carry the player’s collection of clubs.

What is the quality of the bag?

It is important to address the craftsmanship of the bag. Does it look sturdy and well made? Does it come with a guarantee? If yes, for how long is the guarantee? This is a good indication to the quality of the product.

Of what materials is the bag made?

The material of the bag is another indicator of quality. Check to see the quality of materials used and also where the materials have been sourced. Most modern bags are made out of lightweight synthetic fabrics.

How heavy is the bag?

The way the bag is carried around the course (either by the player, in a cart or by a caddy) will determine the weight required. Some bags are available with a specific focus on being ‘lightweight’. If the bag is being carried the weight is an important factor to consider.

What does the bag need to carry?

Each individual plays a different game of golf. This will vary from novice to intermediate to professional player. After assessing the game being played, be sure to look to see that the bag can carry all the equipment required. This will focus largely on the number of clubs the bag can hold but also be influenced by the number of pockets available. Remember to check if the bag includes storage for additional equipment like drink bottles and lunch boxes.

How do you organize your bag?

Different bags will offer different ways to organize their contents. As being organized is a vital part of golfing, it is important to ensure the golf bag accompanying you on the course reflects the game you play.

Does the bag protect the contents?

Whilst there are affordable options available on the market, golfing equipment can be costly. As a result, it is important that the bag does not only carry the contents but also protects it from the elements and general, everyday use. A bag that is organized well also ensures the products are protected from knocking around inside and causing general wear and tear.

Weather protection

It is not uncommon to be unexpectedly caught in adverse weather conditions on the course. A good weatherproof protector will help to protect the bag and its contents.


The ability to transport the bag around the golf course is one thing, but can you get it there in the first place? Be sure to check that the bag will fit in whatever mode of transport is being taken to and from the course. This may include plane travel, so make sure the bag is suitable to check in as luggage and will be well protected.


As a general rule, buyers get what they pay for. Whilst there are affordable options available that will suit any budget, this is worth taking into consideration.

How to Buy a Golf Bag on eBay

eBay offers a wide range of options for purchasing both new and used golf bags. This includes cart bags, stand bags and tour bags. The ease and security offered by eBay coupled with the ability to make the purchases online in the comfort of your own home make it a great choice.

The functionality of eBay offers a few unique and easy to use searching options. For those unsure of the exact product being sought, the search box on each page allows for a general search (as well as an option for a specific search), which will lead to all of the different options. This is a great way to browse products. The portals, Sporting Goods,, Golf and Golf Bag will take you to other pages, again offering browsing options. These portals also offer the ability to complete an advanced search. This is done by using the check boxes in the left hand panel that allow the searcher to narrow down via brand, design, size or year made.

To make sure the correct purchase is made, always Ask The Seller any questions that might not be answered in the information provided. Most sellers will offer a description of the item and a photo. Use these to cross-reference the item’s quality to ensure the product is exactly what you need.

There are three ways to purchase items from eBay. These are Bid,, Buy It Now or Best Offer.. The seller of the item will dictate the payment option. The most common form of payment exchange is via PayPal.. This is a safe and secure intermediate company that will hold and transfer the money between the buyer and the seller.

Because of the nature of auction sites, eBay are thorough in the protection of their users. Not only do they offer excellent customer service but they also have a Buyer Protection Programme..

If at any time you would like to review the above, simply go to eBay’s Buying Tips page that offers a more detailed overview of dos and don’ts when using eBay.


Purchasing a Golf Bag is a delicate decision. It must be made with thorough consideration and research. By following the above advice on things to look for or to keep in mind during the process, the choice will be well informed.

Using eBay makes the search for a golf bag easy and stress free. With the ability to ask questions at any stage during the process it is possible to double check things like the condition and the suitability of the bag. It is also possible to conduct the research and make a purchase from the comfort of home.

Adequate research will ensure a suitable choice and this will lead to the purchase of a bag that will see many years of happy golfing.

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