What to Look for in eCigarette Kits

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What to Look for in eCigarette Kits

The combination of prohibitive laws and the quest to kick the unhealthy tobacco habit has created a fertile market for electronic cigarette manufacturers. With so many options on the market, consumers who want to transition to vaping should know what to look for in e-cigarette kits.

High Volume Tank

The last thing vapers want to do is take time to refill an electronic cigarette tank with their favourite juice. To enjoy an evening long vaping experience, consumers should consider e-cigarette kits that include tanks that can hold enough e-juice for at least 600 vapes. The number of milligrams to provide at least 600 vapes varies, depending on the length of each vape. This number of vapes not only provides enough vaping pleasure for an all night party, it also provides enough vaping for multiple shorter sessions. Larger electronic cigarette tanks do not limit the high portability of electronic cigarettes.



From the tank to the cartridge, electronic cigarettes can take a pounding. Think about the number of times an e-cigarette aficionado firmly sets the cartridge and tank down. Then, add occasional inadvertent drops from lofty perches and the lifespan of e-cigarettes can shorten. In addition, the tank, cartridge, and coils must be able to withstand the intense heat of vaping. Consider an electronic cigarette kit that has a proven record of providing long lasting durability.



The key to enjoying the transition from tobacco to vaping lies in the variety of electronic cigarette juices available in a kit. Most manufacturers include one or two flavours to get electronic cigarette consumers started. However, a few e-cigarette companies offer multiple flavours that range from robust berry to rich mocha. Since many electronic cigarette users change flavours during multiple course meals or because of different moods, they should search for kits that contain at least four different e-juice flavours.


Some vapers want to transition slowly from nicotine laden tobacco smoking to stop smoking completely. Other vapers decide to try e-cigarettes because they want an e-liquid devoid of nicotine. Many e-cigarette manufacturers create juices that vary in nicotine strength, which gives vapers the flexibility to start with a high-nicotine juice and then eventually become nicotine free. Nicotine doses typical run in six milligramme increments, with 0, 6, and 12 representing the most common milligramme amounts. For some people, transitioning from tobacco to nicotine free vaping appears to work better than stop smoking patches.


An electronic cigarette kit should include the essentials for enjoying several vaping sessions, including a cartridge, a tank, e-juices, and coils. However, e-cigarette consumers can find deals on kits that bundle electronic cigarette components. For example, e-cigarette users can find sellers who bundle an electronic cigarette charger or electronic cigarette refills with a kit. Bundling saves vapers money, as well as provides the convenience of not having to shop for replacement components.

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