What to Watch Tonight: TV or TV on DVD?

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What to Watch Tonight: TV or TV on DVD?

In-home cinema entertainment has become a necessary part of nearly every family's life. Statistics report that two-thirds of every household in the UK have at least three television sets, and one in six households have five TVs. It goes without saying that not many people get through even one day without turning the television on to watch something. They have the option of enjoying multiple cable channels that air all day long, or popping in a DVD to watch a film or documentary. The biggest difference between the two is that DVDs are planned and controlled, whereas television channels are interrupted by commercials and are subject to change. Networks can crash or the show can be cancelled for an emergency broadcast. However, there are more options to watch when it comes to television channels. DVDs are limited to how many of them the owners buy.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which one is best to watch. They each have their pros and cons to consider. The following sections will help TV owners decide whether to watch television programmes or shows and movies that are on DVD.

The Pros and Cons of Watching TV and DVD

The best way to determine which one to watch is to weigh the pros and cons of each. It won't take long to do, and many people can determine all of their options automatically on their own once they have read through them once. This is because people are already aware of the pros and cons to some extent, so it comes naturally to them later on. 

Pros of Watching Television Programmes

Probably the biggest benefit of watching television is that there are a multitude of things to watch and they are always changing. This is a big plus for those who want something new to view that they haven't seen before. Watching something for the first time is always more entertaining than seeing something repeated. It keeps people's attention more focused because they do not know what is going to happen next. Here are some of the things that people can enjoy on television.

Television Programmes



Competitions between people in sports or other fields are entertaining to watch and can be inspirational as well. Events such as the olympics show people how hard work and dedication pay off


Documentaries educate people about specific events or things. An example would be a World War II documentary which discusses everything that happened during that time. It is a great way for people to become more educated on featured topics


These channels are dedicated solely to education. They often broadcast shows about things such as history, animals, or famous people


Instructional shows teach people how to do certain things. For example, a cooking show will guide viewers through the steps of how to cook things


Films are aired on television programmes as well. The benefit to this is that people have access to random movies that may not be available in their DVD collection


The news keeps people updated on what is happening in their area and around the world


Television shows are a series of short stories that continue as long as the show is produced. Typical shows last half an hour to an hour

A big benefit to watching television is that it helps people constantly learn about people and places outside of their own city. Even watching a television show keeps viewers up-to-date on the latest fashions and trends. Without television, cities and countries would cease to be connected in such a close way.

Another perk that televisions offer is the ability to choose between a short or long programme to watch. People do not always have time to sit down and watch a full-length movie on their DVD. For an extra charge from the network, people can also get the ability to pause, fast forward, rewind, and record shows. Being able to record them means that the shows can be watched later or saved if the viewer really enjoyed them. There is usually a one time charge for the equipment to do this plus an extra monthly fee.

Cons of Watching Television Programmes

Although television can be beneficial for people to watch, there are also some drawbacks to it. For example, almost all programmes are periodically interrupted by several minutes of commercials. This can become frustrating but the commercials are how the broadcast stations cover a lot of their costs. The cost of television is also a concern to many people. Only a few channels are available for free and sometimes the TVs cannot pick up on those stations without cable being installed. Most cable stations charge a monthly fee to watch the programmes, and the cost fluctuates depending on how many channels people want. Special features are also available at an extra cost, such as the ability to pause, fast forward, rewind, and record shows. Equipment such as a DVR are needed for this.

Another big downfall to television is the risk to children. Inappropriate content being aired on shows is becoming more and more popular. Even bad language has become a commonplace thing. This can be an issue for parents who prefer to keep their children from seeing things that the parents do not want them to. Some cable companies come with the ability for parents to password protect certain shows so that their kids cannot access them.

Pros of Watching DVDs

DVDs are discs that cinema is recorded onto. Each disc must be purchased but there is only a one-time charge rather than a monthly one like with television. The nicest thing about watching DVDs is the lack of constant interruptions by commercials. In fact, people can purchase their favourite television programmes on DVD so that they can watch them any time without waiting for them to be aired and without suffering through commercials.

Watching DVDs also gives parents more control over what their kids view. They can select the DVDs that they approve of their kids watching and hide the ones that they do not approve of. Parents also have the option of buying educational videos such as documentaries or exercise programmes.

Cons of Watching DVDs

One big problem with watching DVDs is finding room to store them. Those who love to purchase them often end up having to buy a large cabinet solely for holding their DVDs. Each DVD takes up space unless it is bought digitally. Another drawback is having to physically go to the shop to purchase each one or having to go online and have them shipped. It takes some effort and forethought to get them.

It can also be tedious having to get up and change out the DVD to another one when its done. With television, people only have to click a button to change the channel when their show is done or they are tired of it.

Broken or scratched discs is another problem with DVDs. They are easily damaged if they are not used and stored properly. If children are using them, they are more likely to get scratched or broken.

Find Television Equipment and DVDs on eBay

In order to watch television channels, people have to purchase a subscription to the programmes from a company. However, in some cases, if the company plans to charge for the products needed in order to receive the signals, people can buy the equipment for less money on eBay. Films and other DVDs are also available in abundance on eBay for people to look for. Shopping online is always convenient because people do not have to go to the store to sort through a lot of DVDs to find what they want.

Shopping on eBay is simple. There is a search box located on every page on the website that you can use to find what you need. Type in the name of the product you want and then eBay will populate a list of all items for sale that match your needs. For example, enter something like "DVD Films" or "Television DVR". You can then begin browsing through everything and adding what you like to your Watch List. By doing this, you can later go to your My eBay page to see everything you added to the list and decide which ones to order.


Watching anything on the Television is always entertaining and can keep people happily occupied for hours. There are a multitude of shows and movies to select from so people with all different personalities and preferences can find something that suits them. The trouble is deciding on what exactly to watch when there are so many options. Weighing the pros and cons of watching DVDs versus television is not difficult, especially since people already know which DVDs they own. They can quickly think about whether or not they want to watch something they already have, or whether they would prefer to explore through the television programmes to find something new. There are pros and cons to each choice, but once viewers understand what all their options are, they can quickly decide on what to watch everyday without too much deliberation time.

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