What to buy a 5 year old Boy

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Buying for a 5 year old is not as hard as you may think...

In the main at this age, boys are much easier to buy for than girls.  I have one of each. Little boys are really quite simple in the most cutest and undemanding of terms.  They love anything that can be moved or built.  Then there are the super and action hero's!
For the latter, you must go with the latest super hero at the time.......my son ultimately loves Spider Man (who doesn't!?), but then Batman came into the forefront, so it was all about Batman....you just need to listen to them when they play and when they chat with their friends.

My top boy gifts to guarantee you get it right:-

Lego - the more up to date the better - for example right now it's Star Wars or Action Hero's

Cars - Small cars, large cars!  Matchbox or unbranded. Racing cars always look great to a boy.

Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels - you will not go wrong here, cars, tracks, battery power!  Small track, big track, it doesn't matter, they love to put this together and get those cars racing.  It will amuse them for ages.

Good Old Fashioned Paper Airplanes! - Go back to simplicity at it's best.  No boy doesn't like to make a paper airplane.  The art of making the right "flyer" and the sense of achievement in making and then it does fly!  You can find so many packs of paper airplane making kits these day too, which are brilliant.

Anything remote controlled!
Ultimate Lego!!
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Ultimate Lego!!
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