What to consider when buying a lipstick

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What factors to consider when buying a lipstick

We've all been there, a fantastic looking lipstick with an up-market brand name to match in the shade of our dreams, yet once purchased it makes us look washed out, or is simply too bold or worse, not noticeable at all. Here's what to consider!

1. Skintone ~ if you have a darker skin tone, stay away from lighter shades and vice versa. Although pale skin can wear color well stay away from the darker shades of browns, these will completely wash you out!

2. Shade ~ we've all seen stand out shades becoming popular lately however some of these will be completely unflattering if worn incorrectly, remember if you're wearing a bright lipstick make the emphasis about your lips and lower the make-up youre wearing on your eye's giving focus only to your lips. Both eyes and lips can make the wearer look garish and clown like, definitely not the look you want this party season!

3. Outfit ~ match your lipstick to what you're wearing, sounds simple yet day after day we see people wearing a bright colored lipstick with an even brighter clashing top/dress don't do it!! Also if you plan on wearing a shade which will stand out avoid bold patterns on your outfit, it means when people look at you they'll have too much to notice drawing away from what you want noticed! 

4. Matte vs Satin ~ although simple the choice of this may make all the difference, a matte finish works best in a darker or brighter shade whereas a stain works best in lighter or nude shades giving just the right amount of emphasis onto your lips!

5. Brand ~ usually brands have made a reputation for themselves through a great long lasting look, the cheaper the lipstick the less likely a one time application is and the more likely that you'll be topping it up many times throughout the night. Brands such as Mac and YSL deserve the reputation that they have acquired!

Happy wearing this party season, may your lipstick last under the mistletoe!
Pout by MAC
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Pout by MAC

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