What to consider when buying and selling Italian Charms

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When purchasing Italian charms make sure that you consider the following key points -

The price

You can easily get wholesale lots of laser, photo, letter, mood and simple designs for under 10p each on ebay provided you are not to picky. Cheap charms are best bought from Hong Kong. Enamel charms are more expensive but you can often pick up lots from Ebay for around 15p each. Enamel charms are best bought from America.


How much can you make back on what you buy? I sell my charms from 40p - 60p and find that people are happy to pay that much for them. You can get away with charging £1 each but you will not get as mny repeat customers nore will you get people purchasing whole names on bracelets. I always make sure I can make at least 4x profit on what I pay for each individual charm. However I try not to rely on starter bracelets for my main source of profit as I find people understand that they do not require a full starter bracelet.


Themes such as religion are not hot sellers. Nor are other specialist themes such as Americanized charms in the UK. However having charms that fit a theme such as pet's means they can be sold together. Try to get charms to fit the place you are selling them. England charms to sell in england, dog charms to sell at dog shows and so on.


Photo charms are near indestructable but can have poor picture quality, laser charms can rub off, soldered and glued charms can get caught and fall off, dangle charms can also get caught, and gold plating can rub off. Also higher quality charms slide easier and can be attached easily without the need for a tool. Cheaper charms can cut your thumbs if you choose not to use a tool to attach them. (when they get cut they can look like you have been picking up razor heads with your thumb a cutting it.) And never wear a low quality charm bracelet to see if it is SMALL it will pinch like heck if if is too small.


If you are planning on selling to children then try to stay away from adult charms such as those with swearword on and such. Think about who your main buyer is and keep your purchases to that market. Also be aware of Americanisms such as MOM and SOCCER when selling in the UK.


How are you going to display your charms? and how are you going to package them? It may be worthwhile investing in some gift bags for purchases. They give a professional look and are great when people are buying loose charms. When displaying charms and dbracelets for sale stay away from Italian charm displays. They are over priced and hard to get hold of. Normal zigzagged bracelet display will hold around 100 charms and cost around £8 instead of around £15 for the equivalent. If you want to display example bracelets then why not use a T-bar display or a moulded hand to hand bracelets and such on? These cost around £10. Alternatively to create a display on a shoe string connect charms together (to prevent people kicking them or knocking them off) and place them on a table. You can make your own zigzagged display by folding some thick card and attaching it to some card underneath. Black card looks best for this.


When selling Italian charms why not have a variety of different sized starter bracelets attached to a ribbon with size labels attached. This allows customer to find the correct size bracelet for their wrists and do not require your help. This will become a god send if you get busy.

Selling points

When selling charms why not offer the full starter bracelet aswell as the charms? this allows the buyer to then change the charms on their bracelets as they please and is more likely to result in you selling more charms. Try not to over charge for starter bracelets as it is the charms themself that people come back for time and time again.

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