What to do if what you bought doesn't arrive!

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It's fairly obvious that if you buy something, and there is a delivery estimate, you expect it to arrive by that date. We all have 'other' lives, and sometimes these get in the way of fulfilling the selling contract. As a buyer more than a seller, I think I am fairly patient. If I'm advised on the item sale information that 'it' should be with me in 5 days, I wait 7 and then send emails to the seller (polite ones!) asking for despatch details. By the third daily email, with no response, you can try to start a 'dispute' via the usual Ebay mechanism. They usually re-direct you to page advising it is too early to raise one. HOWEVER, I discovered that for those less patient people, you can raise a dispute EARLIER if you go via the Paypal route. Login to your paypal account and dispute the purchase there, and the process of either the seller speedily sending you emails (and hopefully the item) or you can escalate to a claim quicker (after 7 days). I only advocate raising a dispute if the seller doesn't respond at all to polite emails - not as a general rule, but it DOES get results, and hopefully the matter is resolved fairly for all parties. 
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