What to do if you are asked to pay more postage by RM

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Sometimes, when items are being processed by Royal Mail the postage indicator (the white label or stamps) come off the package. This is more common where the packaging used is the shiny mailing bags which are not suitable to have stamps affixed without using backing paper.

If the item is noticed not to have appropriate or valid postage affixed then a 'surcharge' will be raised by Royal Mail. This surcharge is the amount of the underpayment plus £1.

Rather than the Ebay item being delivered the buyer will then receive a silver-coloured card through the letterbox :-

"unfortunately we cant deliver your item because there is a fee to pay"


What should I do as a buyer?

1) Contact the seller -explain the situation and request that they arrange for postage to be paid again so your item can be delivered.

2) Ask the seller to confirm to you when the item has been paid for.

3) Your item will be delivered within 2 days of being paid for.

What should I do as a seller?

1) Log into Royal Mail website and select the " Esurcharge " section-  fill in the buyers details and pay the surcharge- Print out the payment confirmation.

2) Email the buyer to confirm the payment.

3) Staple the receipt printed above and the original certificate of posting to a P58 claim form (available from any PO) to Royal Mail :-

Royal Mail Customer Services, FREEPOST, Plymouth PL9 7YB or to the address stated on the claim form.

Royal mail will refund you in around 14 days.

4) If you are using plastic mailing bags consider using backing paper before sticking on stamps or labels.




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