What to do if your item arrives damaged.

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On occasion an item, no matter how well packed it is, will fall foul of the dreaded delivery man, van driver,or,  ill trained poor handler. Comments from recipients of such damaged goods almost always state that the item was packed in the damaged condition. I can see the reason for this claim, the buyer wants to establish blame, so that a new item will be sent out free of charge, but will any seller worth dealing with actually pack a damaged item and send it to a buyer. Think about it. This action would be ludicrous on any sellers part. Most sellers if approached correctly, will supply another item if the damaged item is returned. Even better if you have paid insurance and a proper freight rate.
The best approach as far as I can see would be to say that the item has arrived damaged can you help? Of course if you could examine the item before you sign for it, you could then claim from the real culprit in this situation, the dreaded courier. Keep on ebaying.
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