What to look for When Buying an Outboard Motor

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What to look for When Buying an Outboard Motor

Boat owners who would like to have a self-contained engine that sits outside the boat rather than inside of it may consider an outboard motor. Since the performance of the boat depends on the quality of the motor, it is important to do some proper research before making a purchase. The type of engine, horsepower, brand, and budget are just some of the things you need to take into account.


Two-Stroke Engine or Four-Stroke Engine

The first thing to decide when buying an outboard motor is whether you want a two-stroke or a four-stroke engine. A two-stroke motor only uses two strokes of the piston to generate a power stroke, whereas a four-cycle one takes four steps to do this. Two-stroke motors are more powerful and lighter than their four-stroke counterparts, which means they are ideal for smaller boats. To operate them, you need a special mixture of oil and gas. On the other hand, four-stroke motors are very easy to operate, but they are heavier.


Outboard Motor Horsepower

In order to obtain the best performance, choose a motor with a horsepower that is equal or nearly equal to the maximum horsepower rating of your boat. If the motor you choose is not powerful enough, it means the outboard motor will most likely be overworked, which may shorten its life significantly. On the other hand, buying an outboard motor engine that is too large may result in the boat becoming unstable when accelerating.


Outboard Motor Steering

The type of boat you have determines what kind of steering you need for the motor. For example, if your boat does not have a helm, you can get a motor with a hand throttle and a shaft. For boats that have a steering wheel, you need to purchase an outboard motor that is compatible with this kind of boat.


Supplies for Outboard Motor Maintenance

In order to make sure the outboard motor is in good working condition at all times, you need to service it regularly. Flushing the through with fresh water is essential for ensuring the smooth running of the motor by eliminating all the saltwater deposits that may cause internal corrosion. You can do so with the help of flush muffs or by using a flushing attachment. You can also use an anti-corrosion spray on the working parts of the engine to protect them from rusting. When the outboard motor is running, spray some fogging oil in the cylinder to prevent it from rusting before storing the engine for winter.

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