What to look for in a Scuba Diving Mask

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There are many masks on the market and they all differ - the question is what should I look for when choosing one? How should I be sure I have bought a quality mask that is going to serve me well while diving or snorkeling? Below are some pointers to help you find the right mask for you -

 Construction and materials - the two materials used to make the soft skirts out of (the part of the mask that seals ont the face) are plastic and silicon. Plastic masks are usually inexpensive - these can be good for kids in swimming pools but in terms of getting a good seal and for longevity go for a silicon skirt. Chlorinated water and sun damage the plastic skirts more easily.  Silicone moulds to the shape of the face more easily and provides a better seal.  Silicone skirts on masks come in two colours - clear and black. The clear seal allows more light in and gives a brighter view, however the black masks are favored by photographers who do not want additional light entering the viewfinders on their cameras.

What should I do with my new mask? There is a protective coating on the inside of the mask when you first get it. Take a pea size peice of toothpaste and rub it on the inside of the mask lens for about a minute and then rinse off. This will stop the mask from fogging up when used. Then before you use the mask each time add a few drops of Sea Drops Anti Fog solution and this will ensure the lense does not fog during your dive and spoil your enjoyment.

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