What to look for in books

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As a seller who sells books to make extra money on ebay, I thought it would be a good idea to make a guide on  what to look for in a book.
  1. My Top Tips for buying a book:
  2. Make sure you know the book you are looking for e.g author or title. Sometimes both will help.
  3. Make sure the seller sells the books in a condition you are happy with  - some sellers will not offer returns. If in doubt ask the seller. Sellers should state any defects with the book.
  4. First editions and signed editions will always fetch more money then any future editions of the book. Proof read copies of the book before they will go on sale will fetch more as well.
  5. Sometimes with age, or who they have been kept the book may have yellow spots or the pages may have started to be yellow. Only buy the book if you are happy with the condition of the book.
  6. Some sellers will make you pay for postage which will be a couple of pounds depending on the weight and size of the book. Others will offer free p and p but may put their prices up on the buy it now price.
  7. If the books are in a auction, feel free to watch the book as a watcher  but please remember to bid on the book. I have had watchers watching books but not bid on them which is annoying and frustrating.
  8. Don't go over a set amount of money on a auction. stick a limit as it can be easy to overspend/bid more then the limit you have set yourself.
  9. When you have won the auction or got the book via buy it now, the seller should do everyone once you have paid for it. If it is a large item the seller may do it as collection only so please check with the seller
  10. If in doubt with any item for sale on ebay not just books please contact the seller.
  11. We are all on ebay to either buy or sell items so please be nice to the seller and enjoy your selling/buying experience on here
I hope you all enjoy reading my guide on what to look for in books. Happy book hunting folks

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