What to look for when buying 2nd hand baby clothes

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Babies grow quickly, which means they need new clothes frequently. It can become expensive , buying baby clothes from eBay can save a lot of money. As long as you look out for certain things its a piece of cake. No screaming baby to take around the shops, no lugging the shopping bags home and its easier on the wallet. 
To begin with it is nearly always cheaper to buy as a bundle or a job lot, you save on postage and can get some great deals if you search properly. Try to search by age range instead of the type of item your looking for. For example try "9-12 month boys clothes" instead of "babies tshirts".

Another important point is to read the descriptions, a lot of sellers will say if there are any stains or flaws in the clothing, they will also state if the item is from a smoke/ pet free home. Take a good look at the photos, if they have ironed and folded neatly then they tend to be in better condition.

If you do buy more than one item from a seller, message them and ask if you can combine postage. This can work out a lot cheaper than if you were to pay individually  
Searching by brand is another way of finding bundles of clothing, if you know a certain brand for example george - asda fits your child well then including that in the search criteria will narrow down the results.
Finally don't go bid crazy, it is so easy to get sucked into bidding wars on ebay, I suggest you either set a maximum bid limit or watch the item and bid in the last hour.

Have fun bidding and always leave honest feedback. :)
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