What to pack for labour

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The Welcome

This will be the first bag you pack not just for yourself but for little one, some advice but first congratulations.
It never to early to start this bag people will say don't rush but I found packing and buying for the bag fun it allowed me to imagine the baby and my new life.

Important:  Don't forget to pack for you- I read lots of website and advice blogs all forgot to mention my essential needs ( yes you will now always put yourself second but baby needs you in top form so look after yourself.)

The list for Mum
  1. Pyjama or nightie x2 if you are planning to breast feed think about easy access clothes and nightwear.
  2. slippers
  3. house coat or dressing gown
  4.  Maternity bra buy a cheap one to start as when your milk comes in your breast will change.
  5. breast pads.
  6. Pants and lots of them. The debate is do you go for paper ones my answer no as they are uncomfortable and after birth you are already uncomfortable in the pant area. Buy big cotton granny pants and lots of them.
  7. Maternity pads as above.
  8. Toilet bag- toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soup/shower gel ( try to use a mild in perfumed soap as your baby is getting used to your scent and they love it) Flannel, wet wipes, shampoo and towel. Lip balm ( you will thank me later)
  9. Comfortable clothes to leave hospital in ( no tight jeans or waistband as you will be in discomfort )
  10. Snacks for during labour and after.
  11. camera 
  12. music 
List for little one
  1. Baby grows- one with and ones without legs ( for sleeping and newborns lots of grows have built in glove like turns at these ends which save the faff of mittens).
  2. Hats  and mittens 
  3. Blanket ( the first blanket or teddy or hat become very cherished possession for new mums)
  4. New born nappies and lots of them they go lots when they are tiny
  5. Cotton - the debate rages on about wet wipes and cotton, yes it is messier and more difficult with cotton and water but is better for baby if you want wet wipes use something like water wipes as they are gentler. You do not need any products like baby oil etc and midwives/health visitors will tell you to not use these for the first six weeks as baby is developing there immunity.
  6. towel for babies first bath
  7. sick bibs / muslin

Before you go don't forget
  1. Your notes
  2. your phone and charger
  3. your wallet 
Best of luck and enjoy your bundle of Joy

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