What type of blackout blind do you need?are they black?

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Modern dilema which blackout blind to choose?and which blind does give true blackout? We get loads of customers in looking for blackout blinds most of them expecting some sort of black or lining to be involved!lol

Basically a lot of blinds call themselves blackout ie wooden ventian blinds or vertical blinds when in actual fact they are not the materials they are made with might well be but due to how the blinds are contructed they cannot truly be blackout well 100% anyway.  There will always be slight gaps etc!

Vertical Blinds

With each vertical slat overlapping eachother there will always be gaps between the slats allowing slight glimmers of light through.  Also your vertical blinds will be made slightly higher than the window sil to allow rotation so there will also be a gap there.

Wooden Ventian blinds

As with the vertical blinds these very slighly over lap eachother and due to them being thicker than verticals they also create a gap of light between the slats but now horizontal instead of vertical

Roller blinds

Now with a roller blind you can well nearly acheieve a true blackout blind but it all depends on where the blind is going to be fitted.  If the roller blind is fitted inside your recess then because of the mechanism and brackets the fabric of the blind will not be wall to wall ie leaving a gap either side letting that dreaded light through.

The best way to acheive the blackout is to fit your roller blind on the outside of the window I would recommed a good few inches either side and above the window dont forget when measuring to measure past the window sil aswell.  So when the blind is now pulled down there will be no gaps of light giving you almost 99% blackout.

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