What type of camera nestbox is most suitable for me?

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How do I choose which type of nestbox camera to buy?

There is now quite a wide choice of products available in the UK for watching birds nest so here are a few of the main features and differences:
1/ Webcam systems offer great colour and you can watch live or record what is happening when you are not around.  Webcam systems do not need any external power source but do have to be connected to the computer via a cable.  You cannot use them at night without having lights on in the nestbox but, of course, there is nothing to watch after birds have roosted in the evening anyway!
2/ CCTV systems can be watched on TV live but only recorded via a DVD recorder or similar, you can get them with very long cables which is good for larger gardens!  The colour is more muted but you can watch at night in black and white via IR lens - great for watching owls, hedgehogs, bats....
3/ Wireless CCTV (beware dodgy cheap ones) feature black and white night vision but have less bright colours in all conditions. Wireless systems have to be kept away from other electronic devices which may interfere with the signal.  They need a power source for the camera itself such as garden socket or battery pack and the latter can be expensive as they use a lot of power.   

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