What will you Manifest in 2012? How do I Manifest?

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What will YOU Manifest this Year?

I have been Manifesting for years ... With some amazing results !!! (below)

   Tahiti      Bora Bora

How does it work?

Whether you believe in Angels , Gods, Higher Self, Guides, Universal Energy, Law of Attraction or Prayers ... Manifestation works !!! Personally I send out to Angels and the universe combined, but the important thing is intention and belief in what you are manifesting.

Try this?

Focus on what you want, more clearly than you ever have before! Think about it, picture it, How will you feel when it happens? And How will things change for the better? I like to hold my hands outwards and visualise sending the thought through my palms and fingertips. Perhaps this comes naturally from my work with Reiki and energy in general. You will know what is right for you, a visualisation bubble, arrow, wings carrying it away etc ... anything that sends it out away from you, sent with the intention for your highest good or best purpose. Don't worry about how it will happen ... Just enjoy the feeling of knowing it will.

Notice ...

... when things start to happen and synchronicity falls into place, taking you closer to your goal with each tiny step!


... changed with manifestation and now I continue to manifest regularly ... enjoying seeing the way things happen ... Enjoy YOURS too and have fun!

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