What you can do if winning bidders become non-payers !

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Most of the time the winning bidder pays ... they wanted your item, they bidded on it and they won .....
therefore they are happy to pay !!!

However, from time to time a winning bidder turns into a non-payer ..... they have changed their mind or simply don't pay or bother contacting you !!!
****  IF THIS HAPPENS DON'T PANIC !!! Instead Keep a calm head and follow these steps .....
  • Firstly, send a payment reminder ...
  • Secondly, (if that dosent work), send them an e-mail reminding them that because they are the winning bidder they have an obligation to pay for the item ...
  • Thirdly, remind them that they entered into a legally binding contract the moment they started bidding on your item.
  • If the winning bidder continues to refuse to pay you then contact them by telephone !!!!!

eBay members details can be found by going to the link below .....

**** and finally remember to report them to eBay ..... register the item as unpaid for !!!!! THE MAJORITY OF EBAYERS ARE HONEST AND HELPFUL ..... DO YOUR BIT TO STOP THE PEOPLE WHO WASTE TIME BY WINNING ITEMS AND REFUSING TO PAY !!!

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