What you really need for shabby chic

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I really love a bit of shabby chic but its all so expensive with a you must have this and you must have that. I always thought it was about upcycling and reusing, saving s bit of money.

  I love to use Annie Sloane paint and really think that it is worth the outlay. I buy the antique white colour and a tester pot of the colour and tint with that, as I like the more subtle colours. 

What i think you really need is 

-a decent soft bristle brush, one from the hardware shop will do.
- Annie Sloane paint, it's worth the outlay.
- clear wax, the type you can rub on with a brush
-wax brush
- soft cloth
- finest grain sand paper. 

first make sure your surfaces a clean and slightly sanded to provide a key, I think this makes it more hard wearing for those high impact areas.

i like to slightly water the paint down to provide a smoother finish.

brush a little paint on but be careful it dries quickly 

Somethimes I sand between costs.

Add a second coat, this time you don't have to water the paint down. 

Wait to dry and then brush on the wax and buff with a soft cloth. 

Ta da done! 

you dont have to sand at all but I have found it really helps
you really can paint most things. I have done glass and metal garden furniture and laminated wood chairs.

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