What you see is not always Ebay! BE CAREFUL! I lost £2k

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Please read this and remember that we all make mistakes from time to time, and the scammers are becoming more sophisticated. Due to the increase in devious people in various countries phishing i.e. trying to get your details, you may come across a really authentic looking sign in page when you 'click for more details' or when you go to view an item. If the page you sign in on doesn't have the classic https://signin.ebay.co.uk/. then DO NOT SIGN IN!! Also check to see if the padlock icon is on the address bar line, if it is not then you are dealing with a suspect site. Let me put it this way... I would rather ignore or get away from such a page and not buy that must have item than be involved and give away potentially valuable information about my account and my bank account or my Paypal access.

I lost £2k and I have been on Ebay for a long time, then late one night I was tired and WHAM... I got caught.

Always report any such activity... Let's try and stop these vermin from ruining Ebay.

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