Whats a Bison Tube Geocache Container?

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Whats  a Bison Tube Geocache Container?

A bison tube is a small, metal, water-tight cylindrical container that can be used for micro-caches. These containers are usually small enough to fit on a keychain, and were originally designed to hold pills. The name is derived from the company which manufactures most of these types of tubes,

Bison tubes are cylindrical containers that only hold a small log sheet. Bison tubes are micro geocaches are perfect for hanging in tree, on fences or just stuck in a hole somewhere. Whereas preform tubes can hold a pencil and are great for hiding in small holes, pbc tubes and even water. Easy to open and waterproof, these caches are easy to maintain and usually need a new log sheet after 100 finders. 

The multi-colored bison tube comes in 6 colors (Green, Black, Silver, Purple, Red & Blue). 
These tubes are perfect for urban caches that would draw attention to a larger container.

O-ring seal helps maintain water tight seal to keep those cache logs dry in bad weather.      
Increase the difficulty of your caches with a stylish micro bison geocache container.
The aluminum, waterproof capsule is also lightweight enough to carry with you. Made out of anodized aluminum with a rubber 'o' ring to help make it waterproof.         
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