Whats a boot jack ? How do I use one ?

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We have been selling these curious items in our shop for some time now but never really knew how they worked until a friend showed me how, so thought id share this with the online ebay community.

Ok firstly let me set the scene, youve been out with boots or wellingtons on (in the snow or the mud) and you return home and whilst hopping on one leg you struggle to get your boots off, you end up either falling over or sitting down in the wet cold outside, or you end up caked from head to foot in mud & wet.

To the right hand side is a picture of the boot jack we sell in our shop

How to use:-

  • Place the boot jack on the floor upright as per the picture
  • Stand on the flat part of the jack with your foot
  • Use the top part to jam the back of other heal into the U shaped part at the end
  • Once your foot is wedged into the opening, simply pull your leg out and your boot is removed (clean and effort free)

Thats it simple isnt it?


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