What's the best type of beacon for me? Rotator, xenon or LED...

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What's the difference between a rotator, xenon strobe, static flash and, or an LED beacon?  We aim to explain the key differences and a bit of the background without getting too technical - if you need any more help, please contact us...

Rotating beacons

Halogen rotator

Found in beacons, minibars and lightbars, each module consists of a metallised free-form plastic mirror which rotates at a set speed around a quartz halogen bulb, usually with an H1 base.

Xenon strobe beacons 

Xenon strobe

Longer lasting than halogen bulbs as found in rotators, xenon strobes can be found in a variety of our warning devices.  Our strobe beacons and lightbars feature a Fresnel lens which amplifies the light enabling greater warning power from the same sized module, especially when compared to competitor products.

LED beacons



LED beacons are relatively new compared to rotators and xenon strobes.  They are far more energy-efficient than other types of warning equipment and from the latest developments in LED technology, far more effective.

Airport beacons

Static flash

Designed for airside/airport applications, the static flash module is a tungsten bulb, usually 21w which pulses on and off in a steady pattern.
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