Wheel of Wealth - Fruit Machine Guide - £25 Jackpot

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Bellfruit, £25 Jackpot

Hi and welcome to my guide for the brilliant £25 Jackpot Bellfruit fruit machine: Wheel of Wealth. Firstly I’d like to point out that we had this fruit machine in our pub for around 3 months and I played it to death and made lots of money. The unit we owned had an average payout of 76% and was always on “Pub setting” when I played. I also played around 10 other Wheel of Wealth’s in pubs around the Chesterfield area. Anyway lets get on with the guide, first up are the basics of playing this machine.


1) Always hold “wheel of wealth” symbols in view.

2) Use the cancel button to slow down features.

3) NEVER EVER gamble on the “?” mark on the feature board.

4) If you get a 1 gamble higher, 12 gamble lower on the feature board.

5) When this machine plays “bad” and “slow” is usually when it is ready to pay!

6) NEVER EVER collect anything until you hit a “?”

7) If you hold 2 “wheel of wealth” symbols 2 times without success, “third time lucky” applies!

8) Never take the “big wheel of wealth” number as the last win!

9) When you on the feature board you can always win something! Collect be4 gambling on “?”

10) The “Red or Dead” button is your friend as you’ll learn later!


Use coins or notes to play it wont make any difference at all to how this machine will pay out whatever others think! Hold all “wheel of wealth” symbols in view until you get onto the feature board. When on the feature board hit start, receive cash, features or whatever the machine decides to give you.

Things to look out for are if the machine starts to give you “Red wheel” symbols in place of the yellow ones and when the machine seems to give you nothing before throwing you onto a “?” symbol. If it does the later then hit “Red or Dead” the big wheel will spin and you need a red amount to win. Sometimes it will kill you on “Red or dead” but as long as you had no high cash or high features and keep hitting this every time your on the board the machine will soon “give up”.

The machine “gives up” when its ready, it will play badly, offer you no holds, nothing on the feature board then you hit “Red or Dead”. The wheel will spin and hit a red usually 1.50 then spin again and hit another red mostly 3.00 or 5.00 once you hit 5 in a row you know you have won the Jackpot on a lucky or nothing button!!!!! Sit back and relax now as it will take 5-7 minutes for the wheel to spin 10-15 times for your £25 win. I have won so many Jackpots from “Red or Dead” you should always play this way for maximum returns.

A good feature is “Star Prize” you will get three green bars 90% of the time. If you gamble to £10 from the green bars then push the machine and keep gambling as it’s “ready to pay” If you also get three yellow “wheel of wealth” symbols on the feature board “use your spins” to get a cash total. The amount of people who don’t use their spins is crazy when you can easily win £5-£10 on one spin or £12-£13 on two spins. You can also collect this spin money after hitting a “?” symbol so use it as a guaranteed prize fund with a Repeat chance!!!!! If you get 1 or 2 red symbols this means the machine is “ready to pay” and will give you high amount of spins and money.


Finally this guide was written by: Jamie Day (hair_care_with_flair) August 2006 and is all my own work. If you have anything to add to this guide please contact me on Ebay or email me at: narcronics @ tiscali.co.uk and I’ll include it. I would like a picture or pictures of this machine to add if you have any please send them me. Feel free to print out or use this information for your own use to make money on the fruit machine only, no selling this information on or using it on your site without my persmission. Many thanks!



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