When Should I Replace My Sheets?

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When Should I Replace My Sheets?

Bed sheets are close to your skin during sleep. They have the function to cover the sleeper and to protect the mattress. Bed sheets should be laundered frequently, so it is handy to have multiple sets of sheets so that they can be rotated, with clean sheets always available. Repeated laundering means that bed sheets show signs of wear and tear, so they need to be replaced. There are other reasons why existing bed sheets are no longer suitable, such as after the bedroom has been restyled, or after a new bed has been purchased.

Choosing and buying new sheets should be fun as you have an opportunity to choose new colours and patterns to create your ideal look. New sheets are available from high street homeware shops, department stores, and large supermarkets, as well as online auction sites, such as eBay. Before setting out to buy new sheets, consider the reasons for replacing the existing sheets so that you know when it is the right time to make a purchase.

Reasons for Replacing Sheets

Bed sheets are used every day and they are exposed to skin contact more regularly than some items of clothing. There are a number of reasons for replacing sheets, including refreshing old bed linen, restyling the bedroom, and buying a new bed.

Replacing Old Sheets

Bed sheets are actively in use for about a third of the day for those that get an average of eight hours sleep. Each night, they are subjected to loose hair, dead skin, and sweat that become the food for bacteria and dust mites living in the bed. The sheets may also be stained with make-up, food, and drink. Mites in the bed can accumulate and cause allergies. Washing the sheets frequently is essential to keeping the bedroom clean, and a fresh bed contributes to good night's sleep. In order to kill the organisms in the sheets, they should be washed at high temperatures or dried on a hot cycle. Hot water shrinks the fabric fibres and fades the prints on the sheets. Tough stains require oxygenated bleach, but that can damage the sheet's fibres. Therefore, even with a normal level of care, sheets eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, tend to last longer than synthetic materials, but they also lose their lustre at some point. When the sheets have non-removable stains or are so torn that there are holes or thinning patches, then it is time to buy new sheets. Faded prints and fraying hems are also signs that the sheets should be replaced.

Replacing Sheets After Restyling the Bedroom

Sometimes you need a change from the existing colour schemes and patterns that you have become familiar with in the bedroom. Creating a new and refreshing look can boost the spirits. One option is to redesign the entire bedroom by changing the colour of the walls, repainting the ceiling, and buying new furniture. For people who do not have the time and resources for a complete change, it is also possible to freshen up the bedroom with a new set of bed linen in livelier colours and prints.

Replacing Sheets After Buying a New Bed

Another reason for buying new bed sheets is after getting a new bed. This is especially the case when the mattress is a different size to the previous model. If the new mattress has the same dimensions as the old one, then feel free to use the existing bed sheets if they are in a good condition and fit well. However, even with the same size of mattress, it may be a treat to have at least one new set of sheets to feel the newness of the bed fully.

Sets of Sheets for a Household

There should be plenty of sheets for all the beds in the household, including guest beds and sofa beds, even if they are not used often. A good rule of thumb is to have a set of sheets that is in use, one in the wash, and a spare one in the linen cupboard. For guest beds, have one or two sets, if they are used infrequently. For busier seasons, such as Christmas, when many family members may be popping in and out of the home, there need to be multiple sets of sheets to change between visitors without creating an extra burden on laundering the sheets to have them clean and ready for the next guest.

Reusing the Replaced Sheets

It is fun and healthy to get new sheets for the bed, but it is a good idea to find a use for the old sheets. If the sheets are not irrevocably soiled or damaged, then throwing them away may seem like a waste. There are many ideas for using the sheets. First, they should be washed before being put to a new use.

Donate the Replaced Sheets to Charity

Sheets that have been replaced, but have minimal wear or fading, for example, because the bedroom was restyled, can be given to local charity shops or homeless shelters. Animal shelters also benefit from used sheets, which can be used as extra bedding.

Keep Your Home Clean with the Replaced Sheets

If there is an isolated stain on a sheet, but the rest of it is in a reasonable condition, then it can be cut into pieces and used for cleaning and polishing, which saves on money that could be spent on fancy microfibre dusters. If you cannot bring yourself to cut the sheets, they can be used to cover floors or furniture to protect them from paint splashes or chemicals whenever there is a redecorating or cleaning project.

Be Creative With the Replaced Bed Sheets

The fabric for the replaced sheets can be used for various sewing projects. For those that are particularly skillful, the sheets can be cut into vertical strips and used to create a rag rug. The more colourful the sheets, the fancier the rug. Flat sheets could be combined and turned into curtains. If there are sheets available in more than one colour, then they can be used for quilting. Sheets in a reasonable condition can be converted into pillowcases. Bed sheets that have characters or prints on them can be used artistically. There is also scope for creating totes, handbags, and picnic blankets: in fact anything that can be made from fabric.

Buying Replacement Sheets on eBay

Once you have decided that your old sheets need to be replaced, then you are ready to start the search for new ones. An array of bed sheets in many colours and fabrics are available on eBay. You can start the search with simple keywords, such as "bed sheets". Type the phrase into the search box on the eBay main page. If you know what fabric you like best, include this in the keywords. Remember that natural fibres generally last longer and need to be replaced less often than synthetic ones. Another approach is to search for sheets by the mattress size, for example, "double bed sheets". Consider whether a complete set should be purchased, including fitted and flat sheets, or whether separate sheets will suffice.

The item listing should contain all of the necessary information about the sheets, including their type, fabric, and size. The seller should also state the accepted payment methods, returns policy, and delivery costs. If any of this information is missing, or if there are any general questions about the sheets, then feel free to contact the seller using the "Ask a question" feature that can be found with the item listing. For an excellent service, look for Top-rated sellers who have already received good feedback and high ratings from previous buyers.


Bed sheets protect the mattress and keep the sleeper covered. They should be washed frequently to remove cosmetics, dead skin cells, sweat, food, and drinks, which all stain the sheets. As dust mites and bacteria can live in the sheets, they should be washed at a high temperature. This repeated washing means that over time the sheets show signs of wear and tear and need to be replaced. It is also a good idea to purchase new sheets when restyling the bedroom if the colour scheme is being updated. If there is not a full redecoration, it is possible to change the look of a room by simply replacing the sheets with new colours and patterns. There should be plenty of bed sheets for all of the beds in the household, including those used for guests.

The old sheets do not have to be thrown away. They can make excellent, environmentally-friendly dust cloths, as well as being made into bags, rugs, or any other fabric creation. Animal shelters, homeless shelters, and charity shops are also keen on donations if the sheets are in a reasonable condition. When you decide to replace your sheets eBay is an excellent place to buy a new set.

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