When To Put Nesting Material Out For Garden Birds And Where Guide

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When To Put Nesting Material Out For Garden Birds

Nesting material is vital for your garden birds who are looking to start building nests for their young. It's also great for bird lovers who enjoy watching them pull tufts out from holders and excitedly watch them hurry off to their nests hoping they aren't far from the garden.

Many garden birds lay their eggs during the spring and summer months and start to build their nests when factors like food availability and climate are right for them. Putting nesting material out in late February will give plenty of time as an early spring could mean an early start for our feathered friends.

Where To Put Nesting Material

Putting nesting material in fat ball holders makes it easy to hang from a safe and dry place. You can also scatter bits anywhere around your garden and the birds will happily come and collect it themselves.

The Bird Bakery offers nesting material in 100g and 350g bags that are perfect for a variety of garden birds.
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