When and how to moisturize your skin

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First rule -- Stop Using Drying Soap Products !!

To moisturize Your skin, you need to have for your use a moisturizer that places the moisture back in you skin from washing.  A good rule of thumb is to not make your skin any dryer than it gets everyday from being exposed to the dry outside and indoor air.  You need to stop using soap products on your face  because of the products contained in soap.  Products contained in soap is not gear to drying your skin as soap is meant to clean but with use that is exactly what soap does.  Soap dries your skin out and you should not use soap on your face.

Use a facial cleanser that has moisturizer such as our Olay products or the higher quality products of Decleor -- we always have a full range of both these products available.  These products are made especially to moisturize your skin and will let your skin absorb moisture that without it would produce skin that looks sun drenched.  The sun and dry air are enemies of your skin and you need to moisturize your skin to protect it from these element.   Look for moisturizer that has SPF at its highest level to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Daily facial washing is a refreshing way to start your day but do not use soap on your face without applying moisturizer on a daily basis to combat the dryness.

Astringents are not suggested as the alcohol contained can dry up your skin.  Skin care programs advertises the use of stringent to cleanse the skin but the use of alcohol is counterproductive to the moisturizing process.  Instead use a fruit based facial mask to give you skin a fresh start as instructed with frequency on the tube.  The facial mask will open up the pores in your skin so that you can moisturize and supply the moisture that is a needed ingredient with it comes to moisturize your skin.

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