When buying a mobile phone. Ask if it works!!

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Can buyers please remember to ask the seller if the mobile phone they are selling is in full working order and have they used the phone recently on a regular basis.  I have recently purchased a phone off ebay and when it arrived the battery only lasted 30 minutes.  I charged it up and turned it on.  I played some music and again the battery drained.  If i left it on standby fully charged it would be dead in 10 hours.  I decided to just buy another battery and charger for it as they are cheap enough off ebay.  They arrived and guess what!  It didn't make any difference.  The seller doesn't think this is a problem and says its a second hand phone and he still insists the phone is in working order, even though he admitted he hasn't used the phone for months.  Its always better to ask the questions and not just bid at the last minute, it will save you time in stress and disputes etc.  Also, remember not to leave possitive feedback until you've tried the phone at least 7 days, not like me who left it straight away.

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