When designer brands cancel orders, what happens to the stock?

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What are 'factory 2nd's' in the world of fashion?

Factory seconds (2nd's) is  a term used in the fashion industry (brands, wholesalers and retailers, manufacturers)  to identify stock which had initially been ordered by any high street brand and then subsequently cancelled and never got in to the store.

There are many different reasons for orders being cancelled with missed delivery dates, flawed design, flawed fabric, machinist error, sizing error etc being among the most common examples to use. There is usually a too and throw between the brand quality team and the factory that manufactured the order over who is to blame... many times the factory is offered a way out by means of accepting a heavy discount on the original price to make the item. Most often the factory is the one who loses out after already paying his staff and overheads.

To claw back as much money as possible the factory is allowed to sell the stock after a grace period of 6 months but has a stipulation that all 'brand tags/factory codes' be cut out or defaced to avoid fraudulent store returns and to protect the brand.

Wholesalers then step in to purchase the stock usually at up to 75%  off the ticket price and then sell on in smaller quantities to market traders, online sellers and independents. This stock is BRAND NEW NEVER WORN but has the cut to the ticket which devalues the item to a degree but a savvy shopper who sees the bargain is the real winner when paying a fraction of the ticket price for an item otherwise selling/sold in the high street at the full mark up price.

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POLO by Ralph Lauren Classic Small Pony Baseball Caps

Being a busy wholesaler we were lucky to come across a factory that manufactured for the brand on our travels in East Asia.

We purchased their entire 'over stock' on the spot and have been busy sifting and sorting through the extremely large package ever since it landed in the UK. The result is a mouth watering range of classic, vintage, modern and funky baseball caps and bucket hats that we are proud to be selling at a fraction of the retail price. Check out a small range of our 'Classic Small Pony' caps fitted for Adult One Size and available in many colours including Black, Navy, Blue, Red, Beige, White, Yellow, Cream, Green, Khaki, Tan and more starting at ridiculously low prices.

The caps have featured embroidered stitching to the front bearing the iconic 'Small Pony' and to the back above the adjustable fabric slider buckle there is embroidered the word 'POLO'

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