When is a ReadyNAS Duo V2 really a V1?

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The Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V1 is often listed as a V2 in error by eBayers who genuinely believe they're selling a version 2 model.  This is because the sticker on the bottom of the NAS they're selling clearly states V2.  In reality it appears that Netgear used this labelling on later version 1s, probably to indicate a minor hardware change and to differentiate between faulty returned units.

The genuine version 2 didn't start shipping until late 2011 and it clearly states ReadyNAS duo v2 on the bottom right of the front of the unit.  There are a lot of other differences, not least the processor used and the  speed of USB ports, which are USB3 on the newer model.

Fortunately there's a great guide on the net, which I won't plagiarise here. Ebay doesn't allow links to external sites but search for the following in your favourite search engine: 

How to tell whether I have a Duo v1 or Duo v2 or NV+ v1 or NV+ v2

And the relevant page should be within the first couple of links.

If you're looking to buy one of these units I recommend comparing the photos to the page above to make sure you're getting what you're expecting.  I very nearly got caught out but thankfully my seller was an honest and helpful eBayer who refunded me without question.

All that said, it's now possible to buy the newer and better supported ReadyNAS 100 for about £130. I bought one from Misco that even came with a free 1TB hard drive, which makes the cost of the NAS enclosure about £80!
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