When is the best time to list on ebay?

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At one time it was pretty much a kept or paid for secret as to what time and day is the best to list items on auction sites,admittedly without statistics it can be hard especially the more advanced you get and go into international selling but the general consensus is to have your item scheduled to finish at:-



Additional Tips:

  • it is best to avoid having an item end on Friday and Saturday evenings when many people are out.
  • Avoid the 'graveyard hours' a term used to refer to auctions ending after midnight, now this isn't carved in stone as for many sellers the after midnight auctions work well,but it all depends on who you are marketing an item to.
  • Take into consideration if you are selling internationally as their times are also best at evening ends, so it all depends on again who you are aiming at with your items. For example a  modern British memento is far better aimed at the international market than the homegrown one, especially if the item can be purchased in local stores still.
  • Sometimes if your item is quite common on the auction site it is actually best to avoid the 'hot spot' times such as Sunday evening as you will most likely be competing with a lot more than if you had listed it to come off on another day.


This is merely a guide to try and help but no amount of guidelines are equal to that of personal experience, so try different times if you feel and see what is best for you.

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