When is the right time to list to make more Money ?

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Hello Fellow Ebayers

I am writing this guide to help peaple make more money on there items as i have noticed peaple are making more money when there are new films or there is publicity of the item or when an item has not been on for a while

The example i noticed was Iron man as the items would sell rather cheap then the film came out and everything became hot property , this also happened when the Dark Knight Film (Amazing film) came out items went for alot more money

Also Another thing like this happened when a Top Trumps pack had not been on for Months it Sold for £71 (Used) and before then it sold for £31 (New) so you must Exploit the market by checking the history of sales and usally if your item has not been on for a while it will be rarer

So to make more you must list your when the time is right for example when a film like Toy story 3 comes out you should sell Toy Story 1 or 2 at that time which will definatly cause an increase in money for you

And if you want to save money you should buy items before they get lots of publicity

Hope this guide helps

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