When purchasing GamerScore assistance.

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Firstly what most people should realise is, Microsoft does not in anyway support Game Boosting and so any errors done during transaction can not be aided by Microsoft.
In this guide I will explain what to look out for in means of security of your Gamer Tag, which games to purchase assistance for and how much the assistance should cost.

You will need a Gold Live subscription to X-Box to partake in such services so if you pay through credit card, your details will be seen by the person who recovers your Gamer Tag and therefore I urge people in this position to NEVER give out their Gamer Tag details.

Feedback is always a great place to start looking before purchasing from a customer, firstly make sure they have a high amount of feedback as most e bay users wont be so eager to lose a high feedback score for a silly mistake. Secondly; check their percentage of positives, I would never consider dealing with someone with less than 90% regardless of score, but this is due to personal preference, I am in no way saying anyone below 90% will scam you. Lastly; check if they have any feedback left for the item you are about to purchase, I usually check for 2 at least just to be safe, also check the score of the other customers.

The information the seller requires from you is:

Gamer Tag - Your X-Box Live user name.
Email - Your email address linked to your Gamer Tag.
Password - The password of your email address. i.e. hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc..

I recommend before any transaction, that you should change your password to something irregular, and change it after they have completed their service and NOT after leaving feedback or responses of any kind - make sure you have your Gamer Tag safely recovered and your password changed before notifying them.


What games are best to require service on?
Usually games that are otherwise impossible to complete without the persons assistance, such as online achievements that are no longer able to complete, achievements you find too difficult to complete or achievements that will take you too long to complete.
This is no way prevents you from purchasing other gaming achievement assistance, but beforehand consider researching the difficulty of maxing out the game and the amount of achievements the game beholds.

How much should I pay?
It depends totally on the achievements the seller is offering and the amount of points, before buying consider how long the achievements he is offering would take you to complete, (if you have no idea - research!) how much he is asking for as payment and weigh up both ends. Good sellers will offer around 4000points for the price of £10.00/$20.00.

I'm still not sure about buying, what other securities can you offer?
Questioning the seller is always a great place to start, genuine e bay sellers will welcome any amount of questions and will answer them without hesitance to ensure you feel as calm as possible during the transit.
Ask the seller to add your Gamer Tag on X-Box Live so you can take a quick scan of his games, make sure he has the said achievements he is offering, plus this also gives you the upper hand, as if he does scam you, you have his Gamer Tag to report to Microsoft.

I only need 1 achievement from a bundle a seller has listed, what shall I do?
Message the seller notifying him of this predicament and explain you are in no way going to pay the full asking price for only a percentage of the services, good sellers will recognise this and offer a reduction in payment.
DO NOT pay via. pay pal directly into his pay pal account, insist the seller lists a new item so the transaction can be performed via. e bay to ensure your safety.

I've been scammed, what shall I do?
You hit them where it hurts! Report the offence to both e bay and pay pal - they will take immediate action, attempt to recover your email password by all means as Microsoft will not recover your Gamer Tag for you and will merely delete it in these circumstances. Report the users Gamer Tag to Microsoft - they will take action.

How long does the service take?
This totally depends on the sellers response time, available time and method for completing the achievements.
Good sellers will be finished around 2 hours after notifying you that they are to begin, insist the seller messages you before and after the process.

The seller has notified me of his completion, what shall I do now?
First and foremost, change the password and recovery questions on your email address to something totally different, turn on your X-Box and go to recover Gamer Tag, simply follow the on screen instructions and wait for your Gamer Tag to download. Once this is completed and your Gamer Tag is operational, then contact the seller about his performance and take necessary action depending on his performance.

I have read your guide, but I'm still not too sure..
If you are still having second thoughts about the process, don't do it! It's better to trust your own intuition than something you read online. Better safe then sorry!

If anyone has any more questions I have not answered in the guide, I will be more than happy to answer them, no question is too little or too much. I welcome questions! Any question I deem necessary to add to this guide, I will notify the asker before doing so.

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