When to leave feedback

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Their is a proper time for a user to leave feed back, and I feel safe to say that I'm not the only user that is getting annoyed with certain tactics of sellers. Such tactics include:
  • E-mails requesting feedback - for feedback
  • Waiting for feedback before giving feedback.
this is an annoyance to me because for every item I have purchased through e-bay i have left feedback. (Granted my comments are not useful, however most peoples aren't any ways: Great seller, excellent ebayer etc) Under the understanding that I have purchased something, and it is an simple way to show thanks. However buyers don't feel the same. Buyers seem to think they can use feedback, as a balancer, example:
I left negative feedback because I needed a password to access a laptop I had purchased, and received no response to numerous e-mails. After about a week, I left the person negative feedback, because at face value, he had sold me a product that couldn't be used. Before I even got a reply to my e-mails I get negative feedback, with a simular comment of my own (regarding his lack of communication)
This is not fair trading.
This is not feedback

Sellers role in a transaction
  1. post item for sale
  2. chaser winner for payment
  3. send item
  4. leave feedback
buyers role in a transaction
  1. bid
  2. pay
  3. chaser seller for dilervry details
  4. leave feedback
however sellers have altered their fourth step into a conditonal step
if (receved feedback) then (leave feedback) else (chase feedback)

This is not fair, and I shall not leave feedback for anyone who chases it any more.

thank you for reading
hope my insomiac rantings lead you to becoming a niceer person
and good night
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