When to open an Ebay Shop

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There comes a time when opening a shop becomes necessary or desirable, despite the perceived cost.
If you sell only a few items per month then a shop is probably not necessary unless you want to build your brand anyway.
However if you sell many items, particularly multi-quantity or repeatable listings, a shop can help automate your processes, save you time, and brand your business.

Advantages to having an Ebay Shop:

1)  You can access cheaper listing fees if you mainly list using Buy It Now - this offsets some amount of the shop fee;

2)  You can set your listings as Good Till Cancelled (auto-renewing) - if you sell many items in multi-quantity listings and want to keep your listings alive indefinitely with no work, this is a HUGE advantage of a shop. It frees up your time for more productive efforts. For this reason alone I should have set up my shop sooner!

3)  Your good till cancelled listings retain the same listing number indefinitely - this has several advantages:
  • Your listings will build longevity and will start to turn up within Google searches, as well as Ebay searches;
  • You can retain a selling history on the item that will show buyers how popular the item is and that you are experienced selling the item - this will also help you evaluate your sales over time easily;
  • You can keep track of your sales of particular items more easily via your email if you keep the same item numbers;

4)  You can get Selling Manager for free when you have a shop, which has some useful features to help you modify listings in bulk, and work with your products and sales more efficiently;

5)  Better still, Selling Manager Pro is also available. Despite costing an extra fiver per month, it is SO useful in its extra features (e.g. setting up inventory for items you sell regularly, and personalising some of your messages to buyers) that this decision may follow soon!

6)  You can build a brand with your shop, set up a logo, you get 5 custom shop pages with the basic shop, you can design a custom shop home page, and set up your own shop categories.

7)  Many more features are available with a shop which I haven't got to yet!

8)  A shop tells buyers you are serious about your Ebay business and reputation.

9)  Although some sellers may believe a shop looks more commercial, you can still retain a personal feel along with providing more robust policies.

I hope these suggestions provide useful food for thought!
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