When you thought it was safe-Scammers move to Free Ads

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It's all well and good selling items on Ebay, but as most Ebayers know there are a lot of scammers out there. If your selling anything electrical, say Computers for example..or Mobile Phones.
I'm writing this guide for those Ebayers who are new to selling, as sometimes if you cant shift big items we usually turn to the freebies in the local paper.

The paper I am talking about here is "Loot", don't think you are safe from scammers (people who rip you off, take your product and not pay etc..) I advertised my PC in the Loot paper, as I wasn't chancing on sending it via courier..thanks to bad experiences. I had 2 people email me, both with different email's addresses. Their replies to my ad was simple enough, and seem to be 100 % genuine.
It was only when they sent replies back to my email, that the truth came out. They promised to pay me via cheque for some of the money and send the rest via Western Union Money, as they were going to receive about £2,500 very soon from a Business Associate.  According to both of them, they were not going to pay me £120 for my PC,  more like £200 just for my trouble and the money towards paying for the ad. (and giving it to his courier to send abroad. )
I know there are people out there who are new to selling, who are not used to dealing with these kind of people. So I thought I had better warn others, scammers are now in free ads.
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