Where is the pilot?

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Have you ever finally discovered that hard to find Unique 'Mech and placed a bid in good faith only to discover that the pilot and gear cards are not included?

The idea behind this guide is to offer a few pointers to overcome the problem and save you unnecessary expense.

  1. Is the figure from a set before AoD?  If so then these figures did not have seperate pilot and gear cards however they should be supplied with a dossier card.  Always make sure the seller mentions this in their description.
  2. Is the figure a gold-based edition given away as prize support?  These Mechs did not always come with a pilot or gear card.
  3. Does the seller mention the pilot in the description? Most sellers will do this in order to maximise on the final selling price.  In my experience however this does not guarantee the corresponding gear card.
  4. Is the figure sealed?  This is always the best option as the pilot and gear card should be a) correct and b) sealed in their corresponding packet.
  5. If there is no mention of the pilot or the gear card then I recommend that you ask the seller to confirm if they are included.

I trust that this information helps to avoid this particular pitfall when buying your new MechWarrior figures.

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