Where to Plant Roses Size and Shape of the Beds

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Part Three of Where To Plant Roses

In warm countries, where the growth is most luxuriant, and for the big bushy sorts, even more room will be required. Again, there is the other extreme as, for example, in making a border or edging of Polyantha roses, a fine continuous effect may be had by spacing them in the row at only 12 inches apart. This diagram shows a bed 3 feet wide for two rows.

A bed this width, "staggered," will require twelve roses to every 9 feet, twenty-four roses if 1 8 feet long, and larger beds in the same proportion. The young garden in the picture below is well done. Note the avenue effect produced by the double row of Standard or Tree roses on either side of the walk, set from 4 to 10 feet apart.

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