Where to find good suppliers from china?

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I wanted to share this with other peoples and hope that this can be updated from my side and from your side.
I am not really sure:)
I am sure that many peoples are like me, trying to find suppliers from china who are honest and where the products will not stop working after 3 use.
I have purchase stock from a few suppliers and i have to say that the 3 supplier i bought from where quiet good.
I did as well get scammed once for 700 GBP...
and remember this: if it is to nice to be true, then it might be false !(or something like that)
I do not make money from giving my supliers and it is not affiliate program either.
I just like to share:)


(google search keywords) as it is against ebay policy to list other website.

there is plenty to be found on alibaba but beware the scams, and do believe me if i tell you to never purchase stock with another way of payment of paypal.
Only paypal is secure and you will have a way to get your money back in case of the transaction not going in the right way.

the biggest problem at the moment with china to my point of view is that prices are getting to expensive and it really hard to get some profit from the stock unless you buy a lot.
and you might end up with a lot of stock which will never sell.
So, here is what i think..
there is many products and many suppliers that we could all share because anyway there is many buyers in the whole world.
so if you like to share as well, do not hesitate, and i will update this review:)

just to get me a bit of traffic, here is the link to my shop:)
thanks for looking...

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