Which Ab exerciser is best suited to me

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Ther are so many abs machines out there which one is right for you?

Everybody wants the lean 6 pack abs but what is the best way to achieve this. Gyms cam be intimidating and personal trainers well they are just so expensive. So what would suit you most an ad chair, ab roller or an ad belt.

The opportunity exsists for you to get an effective gym quality workout in the comfort of your own home. Toadys ab machines are compact lightweight and reasonably priced. Most will fiold up easily for home storage.

Most ab machines like the ab lounge are easy to assemble and use. By sticking to an exercise routine that works for you combine this with an healthy diet, positive attitude and some training and exercise tips. You can turn that dusty corner into the home gym and get started on that six pack.

The main ab machines you will come across are the ab rollers, ab chairs and ab belts. Her is a quick summary of each so you can understand what to expect.

The ab roller is a simple abdonimal workout machine that gives you the same gym quality crunching workout in a small and simple compact design. The ab roller lets the user rock their way to slimmer abs witha simple rocking motion. When using a machine like this you can simply reposition your arms and legs to target your lower abs, as well as your oblique muscles.

The ab rollers will feature padded back and neck support as well as curved arms to protect your elbows. The ab roller is an easy and cost effective way to begin your ab work outs. It targets upper and lower abs and eliminates back and neck strain. Easy to assemble and store.

There are an aray of ab chairs on the market offering various exercises an dbenefits. However I find the ab lounge to be the best in terms of price, value and design benefits. The ab lounge has the classic ab crunching designwhere you sit in the chair and crunch your abs together by pulling your body forward. With the ab lounge you get the fullest range of motion this means you can determine the intensity of your workout. Another feature is the variabl resistance bands. The more bands you use the more difficultthe exercise. Other features include the bicycle attatchment and great way to warm up and coll down. The computer helps you keep track and see the benefits by displaying calaries burned, total workout time, strides per minute and scan function. I think the ab lounge is the most effective machine on the market today. It is a sturdy design easy to assemble and store.

Finaly we have the ab belt, this works by stimulating the nerves that make your muscles that make your ab muscles expand and contract. Combine an ab belt with an healthy diet and lifestyle and you are on to a winner. Because it is designed to fit neatly and discretely you can wear it while you are working, around the house, walking the dog, reading a book the list goes on. The belt does the work and you get the results. Ab belts can be used on other parts of the body you can use it on the arms and legs also.

As you can see all of the above have the same desired effect on the abs the choice is personal as to which works best for you.

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