Which Cable do I need to Install Sky + Sky HD

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When Installing sky + you will need a twin shotgun coax cable.

What is "Shotgun" coax cable.


Its a term given to a twin coax cable that looks almost like the end of a double barrel shotgun.

The cable can be bought in varying types, for use where a twin cable is required from a satellite LNB to your Sky + Digital  or HD receiver or where you require Satellite reception in 2 rooms from 1 dish.

What is considered the best coax cable brand is Webro who are a National Quality assured company to ISO 9002 standards

There are a few types ot twin coax cable, of which  Sky + recommend WF65 OR CT63 which is great for most installations.

If you are like myself and like to go one step further keeping those all important losses to a minimum, then 

Webro WF100 Twin Satellite Coax Cable should be your choice


Comparisons of the twinsat shotgun cable are shown below

"Remember the lower the losses the better the cable"

                                    WF100                                    WF65/CT63

10MHz                       1.80 dB/100m                     4.0 dB/100m   
50MHz                       4.20 dB/100m                     6.6 dB/100m
100MHz                     5.90 dB/100m                     9.7 dB/100m       
230MHz                     9.10 dB/100m                     4.9 dB/100m
470MHz                     13.3 dB/100m                     21.7 dB/100m
600MHz                     15.0 dB/100m                     24.8 dB/100m
860MHz                     18.3 dB/100m                     30.0 dB/100m
1000MHz                   19.9 dB/100m                     32.5 dB/100m
1350MHz                   23.4 dB/100m                     37.3 dB/100m
1750MHz                   27.0 dB/100m                     43.2 dB/100m
2150MHz                   30.3 dB/100m                     48.4 dB/100m
3000MHz                   37.5 dB/100m                     56.5 dB/100m

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