Which EV charging cable do I need

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16 Amp V 32 Amp

Which cable do I need for my electric car?
Or is it worth paying more for a 32Amp cable compared to a 16Amp cable.

We get asked this question a lot. All our cables are available in 16 or 32 Amp versions.

32 Amp must be best! Wait not so fast. Your Electric Car has an on-board charging unit. This takes the feed from the cable and distributes the power to the car's battery pack. The charging unit is only capable of handling so much energy. Most electric cars have as standard around a 3.6KW charger.  Using our basic Ohms law, with a 240 Volt supply you can see this takes 15Amp. (3,600/240=15). 
Using a 32Amp cable on a car with a 3.6KW charger will still only charge at 15Amps of current and take the same time as  a 16Amp cable.
The 32Amp cable is only a benefit if you vehicle has a 6.6 KW charger and the supply you connect to offers 32 Amps. 
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Charge Point

With 32Amp / 7KW

Cable size

One other point to consider is that the 32Amp cable is thicker and thus heavier that the 16Amp cable. If you are continually lifting the cable in and out of the car then the weight starts to make a difference.  

Cable length

Cables come is a number of lengths. Usually 3, 5, 10 or 20 meters. What length should you select. Again the longer the cable the greater the weight. For the vast majority of users 5M is the best option. It provides enough freedom to reach a charger from the car but does not take up much space in the car and does not require a weight lifter to move.

Coiled or straight

Charging Cables are increasingly offered in a coil rather than a just a basic cable. We highly recommend these for two reasons. Firstly the cable does not drop on the ground when in use. This keeps it clean and dry,  points you appreciate when you coil it back up.  And secondly the cable does not get in a mess, you cant twist or or tie it in knots. 

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Coiled EV charging cable

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