Which Fake Tanning Product To Use and How to Use It

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Now that more and more is known about the risks of sun bathing, a substantial number of people still want that healthy sun kissed golden colour, but don't want to take the risks associated with sun bathing. 

Another popular reason for using a fake tan is to give you a little bit of colour when you first go on holiday .... there is nothing quite like the feeling of being the only milk bottle white person on the beach!

Understanding which fake tanning product is most suited to you, is the first step towards reaching a nice golden sun kissed glow without having to sit in the sun.  Here are a few basic tips on what products suit which people

Wipes - great for quick and easy application for people with little time to spare, but its more difficult to control how much fake tan is spread onto each area

Spray - perfect for those difficult to reach areas like the back and the shoulders, but remember to hold the spray about 8inches away from the body to avoid blotches

Mousse - tends to dry quickly so you need to know how to apply it to get good results.  Safest option would be to apply it sparingly and slowly build the colour up rather than trying to achieve a deep colour by applying loads.  If you find that the mousse 'slips off' your skin, pump it onto a small plate first, then apply in small sections

Lotions/milks - these are great for people who have dry skin, but need to be applied quite quickly to avoid streaking

Gel - gives the best control when applying, and doesn't tend to take too much rubbing in

Now for some hints and tips for when you are applying your chosen product:

  • Avoid getting any fake tan product in your eyebrows ... they tend to 'grab' the colour and can look darker than the rest of you
  • Alkaline surfaces affect the final results and can give you a 'tangoed' look.  If you have just had a shower or bath with alkaline soaps or bathing products, wait half an hour for your skin to restore its normal balance before applying any fake tan
  • Its worth purchasing some self tan corrector wipes ... any mistakes can be easily and quickly rectified
  • Exfoliate and moisturise before applying fake tan, paying particular attention to dry patches e.g. knees, elbows.  Also make sure you apply fake tan sparingly to these areas
  • Weat some plastic/rubber gloves when applying fake tan, to avoid the 'orange palm look'
  • Avoid applying fake tan by rubbing in a circular motion, this can cause blotching
  • Make sure your skin is dry before getting dressed or into bed.  Also be careful of putting on tight fitting clothes as these can leave marks
  • And lastly, if you buy a £1.99 bottle of fake tan, you will get a £1.99 look ..... I'm not saying buy the most expensive range there is, but you really do get what you pay for with fake tanning products. 
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